Rachael Santos is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, artist and mother of two. Her style has been described as Americana-soul with elements of jazz and pop. Born and raised in the picturesque rodeo town of Cody Wyoming, her Americana/folk roots took hold with the help of her musical father Lester, who played the bluegrass circuit of the Rocky Mountains. Those years along with the decade she spent cultivating her interest in soul and jazz music in northern California, coalesce to form her sound. 

While in California, Rachael made a name for herself as an original artist as well as a session and Jingle singer. Her voice has been featured in TV & Radio commercials as well as the Blockbuster film, “Me and Mrs. Jones”. She sang along- side Robert Brookins (Earth Wind & Fire) in a side project he designed and is featured on two of Roger Smith’s albums (Tower of Power). She wrote an album with Kenya Baker (Lucy Pearl) and an EP with Derick Allen (Lynell Richie’s band). She also developed her artistry in original bands such as the city treasure, “King Bradley Fisher Group”, who opened for the Olympic Trials in Sacramento in 2004. Her 'soul-pop' music video, "Fall Out", received first place at the Sacramento International Film Fest in 2006.

Fast forward a few years and she’s found her way to Nashville to hone her songwriting. Her first two singles have taken a year to develop and complete, as being a full time working mom took most her time and care. These songs reflect being a solo parent and her continued questing for existential and human connection. “Wasting Time Waiting” is a showcase of artistry, thanks to the amazing players; Keith Urban's former band-mates, Chris Rodriguez, Steve Brewster, and Mark Hill, and the guidance of Russell Wolff (Martina McBride, LL Cool J) and Steve Marcantonio (Taylor Swift, John Lennon). It was the first song she wrote on the ukulele, an intersection of soul and jazz, with lush harmonies. The second song, “Hungry Road”, is conceptually stirring and lyrical atop a light and luminescent pop track. It was produced by Gus Berry, who also produced Liz Longley among others. 

Her family is her biggest inspiration and what anchors her in place. She notes, “I want to live a creative and bold life. I want my boys to see me following my curiosity and living with passion, so they have the courage to do the same.”